Ke Kula Mele Hawai‘i


Kilipaki Vaughan

"For years now, I have waited for Hawaiian Steel Guitar instruction on Kauai. With this amazing opportunity to learn this classic art form and to work with one of Hawaii's finest steel guitarists, I, as a haumana, am truly blessed. Kumu Akaka brings the finest understanding of the delicate musical tones of the steel, blends it with a magical triad of tablature, and precisely tunes us with patience in melodical learning. From his masterful teachings in chord theory, melody lines, and background licks, Kumu Akaka has an innate ability to reach the music-inspired souls of kupuna, makua, and ‘opio, as well as kama‘aina or malihini alike... He Po‘okela no..."
Kilipaki Vaughan, Deputy Chief, Kauai Fire Department, Lihue, Kauai

Ed Blanchett

It is rare that a musician is both a good performer and a good teacher, but Alan Akaka excels in both roles. As a student in his steel guitar class, I have seen substantial improvement in my skill level and in my enjoyment of the instrument. His instruction is clear and understandable, he is always available to answer questions, and he does a remarkable job of accommodating all of the different levels of ability in the class.
Kekoa Blanchet, Princeville, Kaua‘i

Gale Warshawsky

You are never too old to learn music! My first lesson at Ke Kula Mele with Kumu Alan Akaka took place in Dec 2009. I was 62½ years old. Since that time I have been on a most enjoyable music journey with Kumu Alan Akaka, as I learn to sing Hawaiian songs and play ‘ukulele. He is a kind and caring teacher, who has a way of explaining music so it makes sense! Music lessons are fun! And he prepares us so well for our Ke Kula Mele concerts. I am always excited to go home and practice the songs he teaches.
Gale Luanapiliki‘i Warshawsky

POmaika‘i Lyman

Uncle Alan has YEARS of firsthand experience with many of Hawai‘i's legendary musicians and kupuna. The best part...he is patient enough to make every student, keiki to kupuna, feel confident enough to keep picking up the instrument and just geev um!
Pomaika‘i Lyman

I am so excited to finally learn the ukulele. I have been patiently seeking someone who loves his Hawaiian Heritage and I found you, and best you live in Kailua awesome! MahaloAnalani Alexander

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