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Waikīkī Steel Guitar Week Monday Concert

Ke Kula Mele Hawai‘i NextGen steel guitarists and musicians were featured in a one-hour performance on Monday, July 15, 2019, as one of the 2019 Waikīkī Steel Guitar Week's Monday-Thursday nightly concerts.

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  • Emcee Hau'oli Akaka.
  • Balcony spectators included Joey's grandparents fron San Diego, Shirley Holu, and Sharon Ching.
  • Emcee Hau'oli Akaka opened the program with a Hawaiian chant and blessing.
  • The NextGen steel guitarists and musicians.
  • NextGen steel guitarist Hōʻailona sang and played.
  • NextGen steel guitarist Pono accompanied on the ʻukulele.
  • NextGen steel guitarist Joey also sang and accompanied on the ʻukulele.
  • NextGen teel guitarist Ethan Goore on the backup ʻukulele.
  • Kumu Alan Akaka accompanied on the guitar.
  • Steel guitarist Mālie also accompanied on the ʻukulele.
  • The audience included steel guitarist Shinichi Kakiuchi and his wife Kumiko from Saitama, Japan.
  • NextGen steel guitarist Enosa also offered a hula.
  • Hula: The Boy from Laupahoehoe.
  • NextGen steel guitarist Ethan Goore with his new Clinesmith frypan steel guitar.
  • NextGen steel guitarist Tai Misailidis who is also the premier NextGen U-bass player.
  • Taiʻs sister Joey is also a NextGen steel guitarist.
  • Joeyʻs grandparents recording her performance.
  • NextGen steel guitarist Mālie offered a hula.
  • Mālie Lyman.
  • NextGen ʻukulele player Ikaika.
  • Ikaika Orlando.
  • The Royal Grove provided a nice setting for the concert.
  • Lawn seating was available for those who didnʻt bring their own chairs.
  • The NextGen steel guitarists and musicians.

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