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Hawaiian Steel Guitar Festival - Keiki Kine at Kāhala Mall

The 2019 Hawaiian Steel Guitar Festival - Keiki Kine at Kāhala Mall featured NextGen steel guitar players from Alan Akaka's Ke Kula Mele Hawai‘i School of Hawaiian Music in a two-hour performance. NextGen steel guitarists Joey Misailidis, Hō‘ilona Mahuka, Enosa Lyman, Mālie Lyman, Pono Fernandez, and Ethan Goore were joined by NextGen musicians Iosepa Lyman, Tai Misailidis, and Ikaika Orlando, and Alan Akaka, Addison Ching, and Natan Goore. Halehaku Seabury and Bryan Tolentino joined in as backup musicians.

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  • NextGen steel guitarist Joey Misailidis.
  • MextGen U-bass player Tai Misailidis. Tai is also a steel guitarist.
  • Joey had her own band. From left: Sanoe, Tai, Joey, and DJ.
  • Alan Akaka giving festival guests an introduction to the festival.
  • Alan Akaka.
  • Addison Ching described the concept of the NextGen musicians to festival guests.
  • Dailene Todd, grandmother of Ikaika Orlando.
  • Kāhala Mall provided seating for festival guests.
  • ʻUkulele player DJ attends Punahou.
  • Joey also sang while she played her steel guitar.
  • Sanoe sings Pua Melia. She attends Kamehameka.
  • Alan Akaka joined the group on his guitar.
  • Joeyʻs performance attracted a standing room only audience.
  • Joeyʻs segment also included hula. Here, Leilehua, mother of ʻukulele player DJ, dances a hula.
  • A stage veiw of festival guests.
  • Joeyʻs segment also included a Paniolo number, Waiomina (Wyoming) by Gabby, Solomon, Lily and Laʻi.
  • Gabby, Solomon, Lily and La'i
  • Gabby, Solomon, Lily and Laʻi.
  • Roosevelt student Lauren also danced to Pua Kiʻele.
  • Lauren.
  • Festival guests James and Joyce Miura.
  • NextGen steel guitarist Ethan Goore also provided hands-on instruction to interested festival guests. NextGen steel guitarist Enosa Lyman looks on.
  • Ke Kula Mele steel guitarist Claude Kutaka also assisted with the hands-on demonstrations.
  • NextGen steel guitarist Pono Fernandez demonstrated the steel guitar to this festival guests.
  • The second segment featured NextGen steel guitarists Hōʻailona Mahuka, Enosa Lyman and Mālie Lyman, accompanied by bassist Iosepa Lyman, Ikaika Orlando on ʻukulele and special guests Halehaku Seabury and Bryan Tolentino.
  • Enosa Lyman also played ʻukulele.
  • Bryan Tolentino.
  • NextGen ʻukulele player Ikaika Orlando.
  • NextGen steel guitarist Hōʻailona Mahuka.
  • Halehaku Seabury, Bryan Tolentino, and Mālie Lyman.
  • NextGen bass player Iosepa Lyman.
  • Halehaku Seabury and Bryan Tolentino.
  • A festival guest tries her hand at the demonstration steel guitar.
  • NextGen steel guiitarist Mālie Lyman also sang and played ʻukulele.
  • Enosa Lyman on the steel.
  • Ikaikaʻs grandmother recording the performance.
  • Enosa, Hōʻaolina, and Alan Akaka.
  • Mālie Lyman called her mom Pomaikaʻi Lyman, to the stage for ʻAlika.
  • Pomaikaʻi Lyman.
  • The third segment featured NextGen steel guitarists Ethan Goore and Pono Fernandez, accompanied by Alan Akaka, Natan Goore, and Addison Ching.
  • eNextGen steel guitarist Ethan Goore.
  • NextGen steel guitarist Pono Fernandez.
  • Natan Goore on electric bass.

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