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Spring Concert 3

Ke Kula Mele haumana presented their annual Mother's Day concert, "Na Mele O Waikiki" at the Windward Mall on May 11. 2013. The concert was well-attended by parents, guests, and celebrities. Highlights of the concert included 9-year old Malie Lyman playing the steel guitar and singing "Henehene Kou Aka" and a ensemble of 18 steel guitars playing "Paoakalani."

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  • Steel guitarist Henry Wassman III.
  • Henry Wassman III.
  • Steel guitarist Sharon Sawdey.
  • Gale Warshawsky.
  • Steel Guitarist Quincy Makaʻawaʻawa.
  • Quincy Makaʻawaʻawa.
  • Vocalist Alexis P.
  • Alexis P.
  • Vocalist Pono Fernandez.
  • Kumu Alan Akaka with Gale Warshawsky and Addison Ching.
  • Alan Akaka.
  • Alan Akaka.
  • The Ke Kula Mele Hawaiʻi haumana.
  • The concertʻs over and now it's time for photos.
  • Kalaʻe, Lilikalani, and Kawaiʻiki Punua.
  • Eric Keawe, Mālie Lyman, and Pōmaikaʻi Lyman.
  • Senator and Mrs. Daniel K. Akaka chat with Eric Keawe.
  • Senator and Mrs. Daniel K. Akaka, Joe Recca, and Alan Akaka.
  • Aunty Keala Young, Alan Akaka, and Senator Akaka.
  • Leilani Kupahu-Marino, Ziona Lyman, Kimo Kahoano, Eric Keawe, and Pōmaikaʻi Lyman.
  • Addison and Sharon Ching with John Berger.
  • Henry and Francine ʻʻMamoʻʻ Wassmam.
  • Henry and Mamo.

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