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Legends of Steel Concert

Ke Kula Mele steel guitar students were featured as the Legends of Steel concert on May 7, 2012, as pre-show performers, backed up by Ke Kula Mele students Leroy Ne, Zachary Pang, Addison Ching, and Kumu Alan Akaka. Several songs featured multiple steel guitars playing at the same time. Ke Kula Mele steel guitarists included Alexis Tolentino, Raven Young, Keen Ching, Sid Pang, Jamie Umanzor, Kawai'iki Punua, Jeremy Ah Chong, Quincy Maka'awa'awa, and Addison Ching.

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  • Alexis Tolentino, Raven Young, and Sid Pang accompanied by Leroy Ne, Zach Pang, Kumu Alan Akaka, and Addison Ching.
  • Alexis Tolentino and Sid Pang.
  • Sid Pang.
  • Alexis Tolentino.
  • Kawa'ikii Punua.
  • Jamie Umanzor.
  • Quincy Maka'awa'awa.
  • Jeremy Ah Chong and Quincy Maka'awa'awa.
  • Nine steel guitarists playing at the same time: From left: Alexis Tolentino, Raven Young, Keen Ching, Sid Pang, Addison Ching, Jamie Umanzor, Kawa'iki Punua, Jeremy Ah Chong, and Quincy Maka'awa'awa.

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