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Ke Kula Mele haumana were invited to present a Hawaiian music and steel guitar demonstration at the Hawaii State Arts Museum (HISAM) on June 11, 2011 (Kamehameha Day.) The demonstration was well attended, and some guests went on to become accomplished steel guitarists.

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  • Gale Warshawsky.
  • Jamie Umanzor, Patrick Silva, Kumu Alan Akaka, and guest vocalist Gary Aiko.
  • Lance and Lynda Hylander.
  • Jamie Umanzor and Patrick Silva.
  • Lance Hylander.
  • Guest artists Carmen and Keith Haugen with Ke Kula Mele haumana Leroy Ne, Lance Hylander, and Gale Warshawsky.
  • Kumu Alan Akaka and Gary Aiko.
  • Quincy Maka'awa'awa, Gary Aiko, and Leroy Ne.
  • The demonstration/presentation was well attended. Steel guitarists Raven Young, Alexis Tolentino, and Mikaela Nishida are in the foreground.
  • Raven Young.
  • Alan Dixon demonstrates the steel to an interested guest.
  • Ke Kula Mele haumana Alan Dixon, Quincy Maka'awa'awa, Derrick Mau, Haunani Thomas. Gale Warshawsky, and Jamie Umanzor.
  • Andrea Tolentino has some last-minute advice for Alexis while Mikaela looks on. Raven is concentrating on his own music.
  • Lynda Hylander.
  • Summer Nishida.
  • Derrick Mau, Leroy Ne, and Haunani Thomas.
  • Haunani Thomas, Gale Warshawsky, Jamie Umanzor, and Patrick Silva.
  • Carmen and Keith Haugen with Ke Kula Mele haumana Leroy Ne, Haunani Thomas, and Gale Warshawsky.

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