"You make learning
so easy!"

"Hearing/reading your words touch & excite my heart. I feel blessed to be a part of your 'ohana & a part of the vision you have. I definitely felt the aloha & ohana spirit on Saturday, and I look forward to more."

"Mahalo again for everything."

Jamie Umanzor
Wai‘anae Teen Counselor for Kalihi YMCA











Why Ke Kula Mele?

• Everyone is invited to participate in the joy of music
• Have fun and learn music at your own pace in classes or private lessons
• Aloha is generously served

As a child I was surrounded by music at church, home, family gatherings, shopping centers, in the car - everywhere. At parties and concert performances I was mesmerized by those who sang, played and delighted audiences which led me to realize early in life that I wanted to play an instrument and sing.

Today I find a great deal of joy and happiness when I get on my instrument at home and enjoy jamming with others at gatherings or when I am playing my gigs in Waikiki.

I met many who had that desire to play an instrument and now they are coming to Ke Kula Mele.

So are you ready to be a PLAYER too?

Come and nurture your talent!

There is no doubt that research shows music helps children become better learners. Infants respond to music by cooing, smiling, and even swinging their arms or kicking their legs to the beat. Children love to dance, swing, and sing as they develop their motor and aural skills. Neural pathways are strengthened by making up songs and rhymes as their imaginations run wild.

Amazing Benefits of Music:
Promotes health
Reduces stress
Boosts exercise performance
Stimulates brain cells
Increases learning ability
Improves memory


“Student achievement excels when they participate in Music Education!!!”

19% Higher English scores
17% Higher Mathematic scores

Journal for Research in Music Education, June 2007, (Dr. Christopher Johnson, Professor of Music Ed/Therapy and Assoc. Dean of Fine Arts, University of Kansas, KS).

“Added benefits from music education are improvement in social behavior and emotional well being.”


“Learning a new instrument are all great ways to keep your memory going.”

"Today Show" September 4, 2009,
Dr. Rashini Raj - Assistant Professor of Medicine,
NYU; Medical Editor, Health magazine.

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All the research in the world canʻt capture the joy and delight you will experience when discover your talent.