"When the student is ready…
the teacher appears"

























Ke Kula Mele Hawai‘i admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at this school. 
A Certificate of Completion is available upon request.
Recording and copies
Use of any video devices during classes and copying lesson materials are not allowed.

Please read this carefully.
Tuition for the whole month is to be paid in advance for classes and private lessons. Missed lessons will not be deducted from the tuition.

Tardy arrival
Students arriving late to private lessons will not have their lesson time extended. Students arriving late by more than half of their lesson period will be considered absent.
Make-up private lessons
Please read this carefully, more than once.
It is required that a 48 hour notice is given to the instructor for rescheduling a lesson. We reserve the right to reschedule the lesson, or to have it forfeited. If the student should miss a lesson for any reason (illness, game/practice, too much homework, forgot the lesson, etc.) the payment will not be refunded. If the student is going on vacation or will be out of town for one lesson, we must be told 2 weeks in advance or the student will be charged for the missed lesson. Also, if a scenario occurs that the student must miss more than one lesson, only one may be made up.  Example: In a four-week month, if the student plans on missing two lessons, we must receive payment for three weeks. Remember: we have set aside time every week for each student.  (Basically, just come to lessons and all will be well!). We should not have to address this on a month to month basis.
If a student wishes to discontinue study, do let us know. A written notice is preferred.
Inclement weather
In the case of bad weather, students will be invited for special make-ups that could include private or group lessons.
Parent observation
Parents are welcome to sit in and observe student lessons. Be aware that with some students having a parent in the studio can cause stress.
Waiting room
It is expected that everyone wait quietly. Do not disturb ongoing lessons. Please do not drop off students more than five minutes prior to lesson time and pick them up promptly. No roughhousing is permitted.
Policy changes
Ke Kula Mele Hawai‘i has the right to change policies, fees, or waivers with proper thirty-day notice.

In addition to the formal Policies above there are also important school protocol that every student should know of and observe:

• Always show respect to your instructors and fellow students.
• When your teacher is speaking or showing an example, please keep quiet and pay attention. Listen and learn from what is being said or demonstrated. You will benefit from paying attention.
• Think before asking questions. Use your own eyes and ears first; learn by observing.
• Learn and practice what you are taught so that you can keep up with your class.
• Always take off your shoes before you enter the school (it’s OK to leave shoes just inside the doorway). When you go outside, put your shoes on so that you don’t bring dirt back into the school.
• Beepers and cell phones should be turned off unless you are expecting an emergency call (if so, please explain to the teacher before class).
• Handle your instruments with respect and care. Take care of your instrument and it will take care of you.
Practice, practice, practice! Some people find it helpful to (audio) record the class so that they can practice at home - others take notes. Whatever you need to help you learn is recommended.  Practice is fundamental.
Mahalo nui loa for reading through the Music School Policies. We hope you will find them helpful, and we hope you enjoy being a student of Ke Kula Mele Hawai‘i o Akaka!