"First up, thanks for another killer lesson. I always look forward to Honolulu, because I know I'm going to be learning new things, and taking one step further down the road. These past couple of months have been most productive....can't wait to see what the rest of the season brings."

David Soreff
Entertainer, Princess Cruises

























THE ARTS, a basic form of human communication, provide an outlet for creativity and serve as a source of aesthetic satisfaction. Through the arts, students can explore, express and understand thoughts, emotions and feelings.

They provide a means for the enrichment of life through self-expression and response to the expression of others. However one participates in the arts, they are a source of great enjoyment, contributing significantly to the quality of life.

We teach from school-aged children to adults of all ages.

* Private lessons - 30 and 60 minutes weekly

* Group classes - 45 minutes weekly
(Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced levels)

• Parent & Keiki Class - 45 minutes weekly

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There is nothing like the sweet “nahenahe” sounds of the steel guitar. Distinguished, as the only stringed instrument invented in Hawai‘i there is no other instrument like this. Great for solo play and background licks. Get the proper bar and picking technique and then take off on your musical journey.

After you've learned and played some three-chord songs, where do you go from here? Are you stuck at this level and cannot progress any further? Do you have a desire to learn more and to further your music education for your own enrichment? Ke Kula Mele will open up the world of music to you.

The Internet has a great deal of free information for the guitar. However, for the most part, the beginner can't fully benefit from this free information because questions come up that the lesson doesn’t answer. This can be a spirit dampener. At Ke Kula Mele discover the joy of playing the guitar.

"Hawaiian Style" Upright Bass
Have you always been intrigued by the upright bass?  Would you like a chance to play it for yourself? It looks so cool, but it must be a difficult instrument to learn. Not really! After a few lessons you’ll be on the way to jamming on your bass with your friends.

Parent & Keiki Class

Ever wanted to bond more with your child but could not think of what to do?
As a family in our class you and your keiki will have the opportunity to play musically every week. For a bonding experience our Parent & Keiki (PK) class is perfect for parents who want to share that special time together in his/her childʻs formative years. Both parent and keiki can learn together and then continue the activity at home or anywhere.