Hey, thatʻs where I learned to play my steel guitar and I am glad I did.

Billy V
Radio Personality,
Hawaiian 105 KINE
UH Game Day Activities
TV Personality,
Hawai‘i News Now

Mahalo to Billy V and
Hawaiian 105 KINE
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"E Komo Mai"


From the strumming of ‘ukulele and guitars, to the lilt of the Hawaiian steel guitar, the boom of the upright string bass through the harmony of many voices we share the rich musical culture of Hawai‘i with you.

“Ke Kula Mele” provides a special environment where anyone (children through adults) who want to learn to play ‘ukulele, steel guitar, upright Hawaiian bass, and guitar are most welcome to pursue their dreams of playing an instrument and learning to sing Hawaiian songs. Music so enriches the lives of our students, young and old alike, regardless of their initial skill level. Everyone experiences a fun and positive learning environment.

Students will be introduced to music theory, chords, notes, instrument techniques, rhythm, improvisation, and the chance to grow into positive, happy and confident musicians.

The name “Ke Kula Mele Hawai‘i” reflects the spirit of our school. “Kula” is the Hawaiian word for school and “Mele Hawai‘i” is Hawaiian music. Therefore, our name translates to School of Hawaiian Music.

At Ke Kula Mele, our students joyfully experience the fun of learning to play an instrument in a personable, positive and creative environment from Kumu Alan Akaka. As an instructor who has 30 years experience of teaching music and more than 30 years of performing on stages across America and around the world, he has much professional experience which he shares with the students. The Ke Kula Mele students become part of our `ohana (family), as they work on new music pieces, learn to sing in Hawiian and English, and become knowledgeable with the background of the meles they learn to sing.

Ke Kula Mele Hawai‘i would like to welcome you into our `ohana where making music is FUN. When the student is ready the teacher appears. Come and be a PLAYER at Ke Kula Mele!

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